Thursday, February 2, 2012

Muntingia Calabura Tree

Muntingia Calabura ( Cherry ) Tree, it contains important compounds that are beneficial to health and herbs.

Cherry fruit juice was very beneficial to humans because it contains a wide range of substances that are beneficial to the body, especially the athletes and hard workers because it's can prevent muscle injury during the move.

Substances contained in the leaves Cherry (Muntingia Calabura):

Water (77.8 grams), Protein (0.384 grams), fat (1.56 gram), carbohydrate (17.9 grams), fiber (4.6 grams), Abu (1.14 grams), calcium (124, 6 mg), Phosphorus (84mg), Iron (1.18 mg), carotene (0.019 g), Tianin (0.065 g), Ribofalin (0.037 g), Niacin (0.554 g) and Vitamin C content (80.5 mg) , the value of energy produced is 380KJ/100 grams,

Benefits of leaves and fruit:

1.ANTISEPTIC - decoction of the leaves turned out to have properties to kill microbes or as an antiseptic.

Muntingia Calabura leaves decoction, is proven to kill bacteria; as follows: C. Diptheriae, S. Aureus, P. Vulgaris, S. Epidemidis, and K. Rhizophil.

Alleged anti-bacterial activity of leaves is caused by the content of compounds such as tannins, flavonoids and saponins.

2.ANTI-inflammatory - leaves decoction also have properties to reduce inflammatory and also reduce the heat.

3.ANTI-Cancer - leaves cherry (Muntungia Calabura) also have anti-tumor effect, which contain flavonoid compounds that exist in this cherry leaves was found to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in vitro / laboratories.

4.  ANTI-Uric Acid (ACID VEIN)

Traditionally, Muntingia Calabura fruits (Cherry) have been used to treat gout by eating cherry fruit  9 items 3 times a day. It is proven to reduce pain caused from gout.


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